PrimeWrap® is a newly innovated thin gauge stretch film. It uses an advanced 9 layers cast technology. It is specially designed for lowest cost of wrapping per pallet guaranteed. Due to its thin & strong structure, it can be fully utilized & saved up to 65% on your film consumption which exceeding double output.

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PrimeWrap® Series
PrimeWrap® (Max+)
  • Special designed pre-stretch film
  • Less waste, save energy, save cost
  • Avoid physical injured
  • High load retention
  • Reduction in film necking
PrimeWrap® (Strong)
  • Strengthen film properties
  • High tensile strength
  • High load retention
  • Available in premium grade (Strong+)
PrimeWrap® (Cold)
  • Perform well in cold storage application
  • High load retention under negative °C
  • Ultimate holding force
  • Available in premium grade (Strong & Strong+)
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