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  • Multi Layers Coreless Stretch Film : Coreless Wrap™

Coreless Stretch Film

Coreless Wrap™ is ultimately designed to fulfill the GREEN Concept. It will greatly reduce wastage and help to protect our environment. Coreless Stretch Film can achieve sustainable growth leading to this business opportunity. No Waste Management Cost. Users do not need to worry on their disposal core needs. GT-MAX is proud to introduce our very own designed and patented “Coreless Dispenser”.  This Dispenser is use to apply in the coreless stretch film. It is fully reusable, safe for use with bare hands, thus effectively replacing glove, faster wrapping speed & user friendly. With this innovative equipment, Coreless Wrap™ is more efficient when compared to conventional wraps; Its cost saving solution also assist in shrinking packaging costs!

  • Features
  • Environmentally friendly advantages due to no paper cores being used.
  • Film can be 100% recycled.
  • Coreless Dispenser can be 100% reusable.
  • Less trash and waste sent to the landfill
  • Enhance work performance
  • Advantages and Application
  • Environmentally friendly & fulfill green concept
  • Does not produce waste
  • Saves space, no storage cost for used core
  • Enhance safety & reduce flammable risk like paper core
  • Save money, eliminate waste management cost
  • Eliminate shipping additional core weight
  • No purchasing, inventory & disposal of core
  • Simple and easy to use with “Coreless Dispenser”
  • Lighter and faster wrapping
  • Typical Range
  • Coreless Wrap™ (Roll Width) :  400mm, 450mm, 500mm
  • Coreless Wrap™ (Roll Inner Diameter) :  58mm, 82mm
  • Coreless Wrap™ to be used with extended dispenser (Roll Inner Diameter) : 38mm